Watch This Helmet Cam Accident of a Car Blowing a Red Light in the City

Watch as this helmet cam captures an Daytona 675 rider rolling on the hood of a car and then right onto his feet. A little grey sedan runs a red light to find a bright red sport bike is already in the intersection. He smacks the bike hard catapulting it off onto the adjacent sidewalk, but leaving the rider rolling on the hood and then back onto his feet facing the driver.

Helmet Cam Collision

Don't have your volume too loud in the office today (this is my favorite part) as the only audio immediately following the collision is, what it sounds like, the driver leaning out of his window to say, "pull over," to which the biker responds, "I'm already ******* pulled over you ***hole," pointing at his laid down bike on the sidewalk. Oh, classic.


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Some of us have been where the rider was immediately following his crash: Dazed, dizzy, confused and feeling very lonely surrounded by tons of pedestrians who all don't seem to be concerned as they cross the cross walk while the rider stands there trying to figure out what to do. Luckily after a few seconds, an off-duty nurse (I'm only assuming from the scrubs) and a couple other people check on the rider who appears to be ok.

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According to the YouTube user Legitimate Business Man, who loaded the video, his '11 Triumph Daytona 675 is heavily modified, but met its demise during the accident. He, however did not. "ATGAT [All The Gear All The Time] saved me from severe injuries as I walked away with only bumps and bruises," he wrote in the description.

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This article was written by Jesse Kiser.

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