Meet Badass Amateur Racer Krystyna Kubran: A Women Who Ride Profile

BuzzFeed Videos recently made a reel featuring Krystyna Kubran in a post titled, "Meet Krystyna Kubran, Badass Amateur Motorcycle Racer." It's making its rounds on motorcycle news sites, women's sites, personal blogs, and now here on Ride Apart.

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Well spoken and down to earth, it's easy to immediately establish a connection with Krystyna Kubran. Though she's in a male dominated environment, she's 100 percent woman and is one of the fastest women racers in the state of California.


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Did we mention she "Bedazzles" her tire warmers? Yes, really. But don't let that fool you, she's one of the even fewer women racing liter bikes. Kubran even expresses that she can't find anyone to date her because she's "too intimidating." It's apparent you fellas just can't handle her badass-ness (yes, I just made up that word up.) Check out the video below to see for yourself just how badass she is!

I followed up with Kubran after the video was published to ask her a few questions. I first asked how she got BuzzFeed to do a video about her, and it just so happens she's a BuzzFeed Videos follower on Facebook.


"They had posted a request for followers to email them if they knew anyone who did cool stuff —added bonus if you lived in LA. So I wrote to them," she said.


Kubran also says she's been pleasantly surprised with the overall reception of the video.

"I've been nearly overwhelmed with the most beautiful comments and notes about how I inspired the viewer. This came from many, many, many women…and a lot of men too! The BuzzFeed Video FaceBook page has over 300 positive comments. YouTube has a large number of comments—most of which are very positive. Of course, my friends and family are just thrilled beyond measure. I've been the recipient of generosity and inspiration, and I am so grateful to be able to pay it forward from the racing/riding perspective, and also the engineering/career perspective."


I finally asked her if there was anything else she wanted to add? Kubran mentioned that she has some fantastic stories to share via the blog she contributes at girlclutch.com/psycho-kitty. She also wanted to give a huge thanks to all of her sponsors who help keep her racing.


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This article was written by Laura Llovet.

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