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On Sunday, a rookie too young to drink his celebratory champagne became MotoGP World Champion. Meanwhile, in America, the organization tasked with protecting our rights is up in arms over legislation that may save our lives.

The World's Biggest Motorcycle: 11-feet long and making 350 bhp, the Leonhardt Gunbus 410 is the largest production motorcycle there is. Believe it or not, people actually ride these things on the road, sometimes without falling over. Read more on RideApart.

This Week In MotorcyclesS

Marc Marquez, Champion: The 20-year old Spaniard took home the title after what was probably the most exciting season of World Championship motorcycle racing in more than a decade. Read more on

Oh No, Federally-Mandated Helmets: So there's this organization called the American Motorcyclist Association tasked with protecting our rights. Instead of lobbying for legal lane splitting or anything actually useful, they spend all their time and money getting really, really upset about mandatory helmet laws. Now, the federal government (duh, duh, duhhhhh) might step in to save our lives. Read more on RideApart.

Rossi v Burgess: After four years in the weeds, former Champ Valentino Rossi is sacking legendary crew chief Jeremy Burgess. The politics of motorcycle racing is always fascinating. Read more on CycleWorld.

The Importance Of Politeness: Good for you, good for the sport, good for everyone. Here's why being a polite motorcycle rider is just a good idea. Read more on RideApart.

2014's Best Motorcycle Bargains: Shopping for a new motorcycle for the new year? Here's the best performing bikes at the lowest prices. Save money on RideApart.

This Week In MotorcyclesS

Sprintbeemer: The latest custom motorcycle on BikeEXIF is this sweet little BMW sprint racer. Look familiar? It shouldn't, it's made from parts ranging from the 1950s right up to the modern S 1000 RR superbike. Read more on BikeEXIF.