This Week In MotorcyclesS

A surprise new concept from Suzuki promises massive torque from a small, light, fuel-efficient engine. Read about the Suzuki Recursion and more right here.

How To Outrun The Zombie Apocalypse On A Motorcycle — Take a leaf from Norman Reedus's playbook and don't sit in traffic waiting for hoards of the undead to come gnaw on your leg. Here's how you can bug out by bike, in any disaster. (RideApart)

The Narrowest and Widest Motorcycles — Width plays a huge role in motorcycle ergonomics and performance, particularly if you live somewhere that lane splitting is legal, like California or the entire rest of the world. It's also a spec that's hard to find and hard to compare, we make it easy. (RideApart)

This Week In MotorcyclesS

BMW's History In Helmets — In a shocking fit of European camaraderie, uber-expensive French helmet maker Ruby decided to celebrate German bike maker BMW's 90 year history by adapting historic motorcycle paint schemes to helmets. They look great. (Bikes In The Fast Lane)

Why Aren't Kids Buying Bikes — Legendary technical writer Kevin Cameron examines past boom and bust cycles in the motorcycle industry, where it's currently en vogue to not sell bikes. It's a great history lesson even if there's very little insight on how the industry can attract a new generation of buyer. (CycleWorld)

This Week In MotorcyclesS

Walt Siegel x Puma — Take one super-talented custom Ducati maker and cut him off a slice of Puma's marketing budget. This is the result. (BikeEXIF)

Murphy's Law For Motorcycles — If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Particularly if you're RideApart's editor-at-large, Tim Watson. (RideApart)