RideApart Scoops First Harley-Davidson Street 500 ReviewS

The first all-new Harley-Davidson in 13 years and possibly their most significant model in living memory is made in India, targets new riders and uses a liquid-cooled engine. Is the Street 500 any good? We're the first publication to find out.

How'd we get the scoop? Well, one of our loyal readers teaches the Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider course in South Carolina. Soliciting them for fleet sales, Braden was given the opportunity to evaluate the bike.

What's he think?

While there’s some initial hesitation before falling into a corner, the Street 500 generally held a true line once banked over. Sharp technical corners took a great deal more effort to properly wind through with sporting pretensions. Much more effort than I thought should be necessary and more than it took to do the same on an 1,800cc Victory I’d ridden two weeks prior. The Street felt more at home in lazy sweepers, sticking to an enjoyable arc, then pulling out of them with smooth, linear torque. More...

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